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"At Thich Nhat Hahn's legendary Plum Village retreat in France, the sign greeting visitors announces: "You are Home." That so perfectly describes my relief and gratefulness whenever I walk through the door to MJ's peaceful, joyful, beautiful world. I am home.

MJ possesses an amazing ability to create a new experience each and every time I attend a class, private session, or workshop. With years of extensive training and rich insight, this wise woman truly lives and works in the moment--demonstrating the very principles she's teaching! The health benefits, knowledge, skills, and peace of mind I have gained there have been my saving grace.

When my clients and friends from around the country visit Martha's Vineyard, I proudly invite them to join me at Sacred Circle of Yoga. And, when they do, they too, are home."

Debbie Phillips
Life Coach
Martha's Vineyard

"In my work with MJ I intended to learn how to integrate meditation practices and concepts in my own work as a psychotherapist. After almost 40 years as a practitioner I have come to appreciate and respect the potential for expanding spiritual dimensions into the therapy practice.

During this past year I have worked with MJ as a colleague, student, co-practitioner, and fellow traveler. She offers support, wisdom, a keen insight, a therapeutic space, and a spiritual space.

The most helpful outcome so far in this work has been the recognition of mindfulness as a therapeutic component in my work and as a critical component in my own personal life.

MJ's work has proven to be an invaluable asset to me as she supports my efforts to maintain a healthy balance in mind, body, and spirit."

Sig Van Raan
Martha's Vineyard

"My yoga class is my time for centering. It is a calming force in my week, helping me keep perspective and stay grounded. It is also often challenging as I explore my inner and outer boundaries.

It is important that the space for such exploration be a safe one--supportive and accepting. I have found Sacred Circle of yoga provides such an environment. MJ sets the tone through her teaching style and presence. She takes a non-judgmental, accepting approach and offers up the idea that it is much better to recognize where you are at and meet your body there than try to force it to some preconceived notion of "right" held in your mind. She leads the class with laughter, but a thorough attention to detail, as we move slowly but deeply through the process and learning of new poses.

Her goal, I believe, is for us to integrate what we learn into the rest of our lives. I am still working on it, but enjoying the process thanks to MJ and the other wonderful Sacred Circle of Yoga yogis. Come and join us!"

Katie Mayhew
Oak Bluffs

"Dear MJ, I have entered your space with a feeling of trust. You make this happen. You do this by asking where we are and what we need. You do not impose yourself. For those embarking on the journey of learning about yoga, or for those who want to be reconnected with it, you find the right entering point. In small and big ways, I am integrating into my daily life what I have experienced in your studio, and it's all good..."

Vineyard Haven

"Working with MJ has profoundly changed my life. From the inside out, for pain relief, stress relief, or just plain life relief, MJ makes the work you do with her interesting, fun, and rewarding. No two classes are ever alike. She seems to be able to "take the temperature" of whoever she works with and tailor that day's work to whatever they need the most. She is truly a gifted teacher and mentor."

Blue Cullen

"Cancer, cancer, cancer...three of us in one year: my mother, my sister, and me. Surely enough to take my breath away, and yet, I have the tools not to lose my breath...or my mind. I have the tools to see what an exquisite time of life this is--full of opportunity. Because of a circle, a healing circle, a Sacred Circle of Yoga, I have been able to open my heart and my mind to what would otherwise have been devastating, but is instead empowering. MJ taught me by providing a safe space, an endless knowledge of yoga, and a practice that extends far off the meditation cushion. In class one day, MJ brought us through a guided meditation and relaxation... "How can I meditate," I asked, finally exasperated, "if you keep talking?" Nonplussed by my outburst, MJ said, "Life doesn't stop, you need to learn to be at peace while everything continues around you." This lesson has become the backbone of my meditation practice and of my sanity. I learned that no matter how crazy it gets around me, I have the ability to stay centered and at peace. It has made all the difference in the world."

Devorah Medwin
Martha's Vineyard, New York City, Arizona

"May I simply say, I love MJ. Her classes are truly unique because she takes the time to show you how to move through a pose and feel your body as it is in each moment, rather than pushing to achieve, whether your body likes it or not. Her yoga space is beautiful and the class sizes are not too large, allowing for individual attention, and fostering feelings of comfort and safety. I can't say enough good things about MJ and how much her class has helped me physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. MJ's knowledge and experience, compassion, and creativity has made her the perfect yoga instructor for me."

Sylvia Lessa

"Weekly yoga classes with MJ ground my week. Working with her keeps me in my body more consistently. This allows for effective healing of past traumas and speedy recovery from day-to-day stresses. The learning that comes from each session helps me be more fully present in a more authentic way to the many people with whom I come in contact as a pastor. I feel as though I have found the secret to robust mental, physical, and spiritual well-being."

Vicky Hanjian
Oak Bluffs

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